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About Us

ButterKnife Creative Inc. is a video production company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba that specializes in Commercial Photography, Video Production, and Marketing Services. ButterKnife Creative was founded in November 2021 by Riley Choptuik and has collaborated with renowned national brands like Lululemon, IKEA, FXR, and the Winnipeg Sea Bears CEBL basketball team.

As of 2023, ButterKnife Creative is comprised of a dedicated team of 4 full-time team members and 3 part-time collaborators. 

The mission behind ButterKnife Creative is to provide a consistent level of quality across three essential areas of digital media; Photo, Video, and Graphic Design. In today's day and age, many content creators focus solely on a single niche or skill set, which often results in clients having to have to deal with multiple agencies/creators to accomplish their branding goals. ButterKnife Creative thrives by producing content in a collaborative environment, which allows our team to specialize in specific areas while working together holistically on larger projects. 

We work with all types of clients from Personal, Corporate, Weddings, Real Estate, Automotive, and much more. We strive to produce content with an honest, edgy style, to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Interested in working with us? Contact Us today and we'd love to turn your vision into a reality! 

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